About Me

Bonjour !

I am Nathalie Phillips, born and studied in Belgium where I graduated as an Interior Architect.
I am also a proud mother of two. Having lived around the world, in Belgium, Antigua and the US, I was able to take the best of all places and increase my sense of style and knowledge over the years.
Designing is my passion and I have been practicing it for over 20 years.
If I had to put a name to my style it would be Belgian minimalist farm style. Integrating raw natural materials as well as connecting spaces with exterior light and surroundings is essential for me. I love combining rustic with modern, linking the past to the present, using quality materials such as natural stone, wood, and linens to name a few. I try to use chemical free materials for the health of my client and our world.
I cater to all styles and budgets and my end goal is to create your dream space.
Whether you are looking for a one room makeover or a complete new construction or simply just needing help on choosing paint colors and furniture, I would love to help you.
My home office is located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Hopefully we can work together soon.